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The Unicorn Network was founded in September 2016 by Jillian Weston. After starting a company in 2013 at just 23 years old, she was inspired to bring together Millennials who would be able to relate to one another and understand the struggles of being a millennial in the world of business, just like Jillian was.

Today, The Unicorn Network is a support network for Millennial Entrepreneurs. Our gatherings bring us together to support each other in any way possible including, actual business and referrals when possible, advice when requested and a shoulder to lean on when needed. We hope our motivated entrepreneurs will meet today and grow together in business throughout their careers.

The Long Island Chapter

The Unicorn Network has two chapters, one on Long Island and one in New York City. The Long Island chapter meets every Thursday. Every other week for lunch and every other week for dinner. Locations vary. CLICK HERE to see all upcoming gatherings. 

The New York City Chapter

The Unicorn Network has two chapters, one on Long Island and one in New York City, The New York City chapter meets every other Tuesday. Currently, we are gathering through zoom but, locations may vary. CLICK HERE to see all upcoming gatherings.


The Unicorn Network's membership consists of millennial entrepreneurs and business owners (Born between 1980 and 1996). All other generations are encouraged to participate through sponsorship or attending events. We believe there is enough business for everyone and therefore we are not one per industry. We encourage our members to find other members they can work with and form professional relationships through the network. There are no requirements to show up to gatherings or give referrals, however, the more you attend and give, the more you will get back.


We do not charge our members dues or entrance fees for gatherings. Members pay for whatever they would like to eat or drink at each gathering location.


If you would like your business promoted and featured at The Unicorn Network gatherings and events, on The Unicorn Network's social media, email blasts, and more sponsorship is available for business owners in any generation. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Gatherings are our general meetings. Our Long Island Chapter meets every Thursday and our New York City Chapter meets every other Tuesday. During our general gatherings, members meet at local restaurants or activity locations to introduce themselves to other members and make connections. Typically there is open networking, a business development discussion, or an activity. All you need to bring with you is a business card and a smile. All millennial entrepreneurs are invited to join us.



Throughout the year, The Unicorn Network hosts several events. Events are larger affairs and open to all generations. Regular and VIP Tickets are sold, as well as, specific sponsorships for each event. The proceeds from the events go to local charities or help fund the network. Past events include the Derby Event, Booze Cruise, CLEAR, Holiday Gift Fair, end of the year Holiday Party.

Questions? Contact Us!

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