The Unicorn Network is a group of millennial entrepreneurs who meet to discuss issues they face being a professional today, create professional relationships for the duration of their careers, and to generally support each other achieve their goals.

The Unicorn Network was founded in September 2016 by President Jillian Weston. After starting her company in 2013 at just 23 years old, she was inspired to bring together Millennials who would be able to relate to one another and understand the struggles of being a millennial in the world of business, just like Jillian was.

Today, The Unicorn Network is a support system for Millennial Entrepreneurs. Our meetings bring us together to support each other in any way possible including, actual business and referrals when possible, advice when requested and a shoulder to lean on when needed. We hope our motivated entrepreneurs will meet today and grow together in business throughout their careers.

The Unicorn Network has two chapters, one on Long Island and one in Manhattan. Meetings are centered around a discussion topic in which the group talks about an issue we face in the professional world and share our experience in resolving the problem. For more information on our next meeting click here. In addition to meetings, we hold frequent social events that often benefit local charitable organizations and are open to professionals of all ages. For more information on our next meeting click here.

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